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The Greatest Showman- film review

On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to go to one of my local cinemas to see the incredible film, 'The Greatest Showman'. Little did I know, that when I walked out, I would have a new favourite movie.

'The Greatest Showman' follows the journey of P.T. Barnum in an original musical that explores the relationship that he has with his family, as well as the business endeavours he undertook to rise from having nothing, to being a worldwide sensation. In addition, it gives an insight into how people who were 'different' to the social norms of the Victorian era were treated and although may not be seen as a positive way of doing so nowadays, spreads awareness, about how everyone should be proud of themselves, no matter their identity. Despite not playing to the historical truths, the story is a beautiful one, being both emotional and stunningly portrayed to keep us as the audience intrigued throughout.

As a musical, of course you'd expect an amazing soundtrack: I wasn't disappointed. Currently on repeat, I'm obsessed with the songs featured, with some being heartfelt and spine-tingling and others being upbeat and motivational. I've even ended up belting some out at school with some mates- they're so catchy! But seriously, that is some award-winning music right there, go and have a listen if you don't believe me!

If you know the creators of this brilliant film then you'd understand why the acting was so good. With Hugh Jackman, Zendaya and Zac Efron making up the cast, one would expect nothing less. It provides moments of laughter and those with tears where emotions are running high (if you've seen it and you're claiming you didn't cry, 99% chance you're either lying or have a heart of stone), as any good film should do. And because of its PG rating, the whole family can enjoy the spectacular screening.

A must see, I'd 100% recommend watching it if you have the chance!

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