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School of rock- musical review

I have recently been privileged enough to be able to watch the musical 'School Of Rock' with my family, as my Dad received the tickets as a Christmas present last year. It was a astonishing experience that'll I'll never forget.

Firstly, I'd like to say give recognition to the cast, especially the extremely talented children, all of which play their own instruments for the finale which is utterly incredible. In addition, the soundtrack is great, with some songs spreading messages that need to be said more often! There's a particular song (Stick It To The Man, I suggest you have a listen!) that is so catchy and brilliant fun to join in with during the show.

The musical is based off of the film (released in 2004) that I had watched prior to seeing the show in London. It is an extremely accurate representation, using the set in a creative way to the performer's advantage. With an excellent storyline, some of the elements portrayed are rather relatable and so funny to watch! The story follows the life of a guitarist Dewey Finn, and his struggle to find work after being dropped from his band. He decides to pose as a substitute teacher at a private school, known for having a positive reputation for good grades. Over the course of his time there, Dewey shows a new side of education to the children, teaching them all about rock music and assisting them in creating their own band to enter the local Battle of the Bands with.

At the end of the performance, during the finale, the band that have been playing along with the show throughout stop to leave the children to do their part, proving that they are really playing their own instruments. I really like the fact that they do this and give the children their time to show off their talents to us as the audience: it is refreshing to see the gifted younger generation that will go on to do great things in the near future. In addition, they allow the audience to take a couple of photos (as pictured here) near the end of the show which I don't just think is an ingenious idea for publicity, but also a unique way for us to capture the moment in a way that is atypical for a theatre performance.

Due to a little bad language and the fact that they may not understand, I would recommend this show for 8 years and above, although it is still suitable for a family viewing. At the end, there is quite a lot of use of flashing lights, just to make you aware of that too.

I would highly recommend this musical for anyone who is able to go that enjoys a family-friendly, fun and exciting show that'll leave you beaming in delight when leaving the theatre!

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