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War Horse- play review

A couple of weeks ago (yes I am aware of how late this is going up...), I went to see War Horse during its UK tour. It was absolutely amazing and a truly heartwarming story.

The play is based on the world famous 'War Horse' book by Michael Morpurgo, which then got developed into a record-breaking film and London show. It follows the life of a young man called Albert and his beloved horse, Joey during their adventures and obstacles encountered before and throughout World War One.

Incredibly talented puppeteers are operating the much loved animals throughout this play. The entirely genius idea behind this, leaves you convinced that you've just been watching real creatures dancing before your eyes. It is such an immersive performance that really can make you believe that these wonderful animals, that we grow to love over the duration of the show, are genuine. If they are not being used to magically portray a poignant scene of affection, they are incorporating little amounts of humour to make the story a little more lighthearted. And yes, I do aspire to control the goose!

The fact that the horses seem so realistic grips you in a way that I doubt you'll have ever experienced before. They even breathe! Capturing your emotions and throwing them about like confetti, the audience become somewhat attached, deeply routing for both Joey and Albert to receive a positive outcome for all their effort. It is a strangely eye-opening experience, educating us on areas of the First World War that we may never have considered before.

It needs to be mentioned that flashing lights are used during the performance, as well as very loud gunshot sound effects: however hard you try, you will always jump out of your skin at the unpredictable noise reverberating about the building!

It truly is an unmissable experience, that shows a story of true love that will most definitely draw a tear to your eye- tissues are a must!

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