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Midnight Sun- film review

A bunch of my friends and I went to the cinema recently to see 'Midnight Sun'. It's an absolute rollercoaster ride; I can almost guarantee you will leave in tears.

'Midnight Sun' is about a teenage girl named Katie Price and her journey into a relationship. The seventeen year old has an extremely rare and life threatening condition towards sunlight, making it difficult, but not impossible, to fall in love. Because of this, she is home-schooled, leaving Katie with only her father and guitar for company. As she cannot venture out in the daytime, she often finds herself wandering down to the local train station to do a spot of busking during the night. By chance, the boy she has witnessed passing by her window for years and longtime crush happens to see her playing and decides to go over. Following this, the couple embark on numerous adventures at nightfall, presenting Katie with a life-changing dilemma- should she tell him the truth?

I was not aware until I searched for the soundtrack how stunning some of the songs featured are. When watching the film, I don't think we are able to appreciate the quality of the tracks used, since we are mainly focusing on the action being endured instead. I particularly like 'Charlie's Song', which is known as 'Sweetest Feeling' on the soundtrack, and my personal favourite 'Walk with Me', both sung by the brilliant Bella Thorne, who plays Katie Price.

The romantic story is packed with all kind of emotions, resulting in you weeping with sadness, yet tinged with some kind of happiness by the end. Despite being a tearjerker, there is something truly wonderful about how the journey throughout the film finishes...(I won't give away any spoilers though, as I think you should all go and watch it if you can!). Personally, I feel like the film is rather like 'The Fault In Our Stars', and from what I've heard (I haven't seen it yet), it can often closely resemble 'Everything, Everything', but that doesn't stop it from being as good. There are many elements that are unique and original though, making it still well worth the watch.

Throughout the movie, there are various moments that can be seen as almost dream-like and untrue to real life, but that's part of the reason that it's a movie, right? Despite the fact that many scenes seem pretty unrealistic at many points, I don't think they could really make a film from an ordinary, typical teenager really- believe it or not, most of us are quite boring!

This teen drama enforces the idea that no matter who you are and what you have to overcome, there are always a loving, caring support network surrounding you. Also the fact that music can be so beautifully powerful. And the fact that dreams can come true.

It is rates a 12A, due to some underage drinking, but really I think it could be viewed by a range of ages, due to its infrequent and nonthreatening use. In addition, there is lots of kissing: nothing any further though.

So if you have a spare tenner, get yourself down to your local cinema, grab yourself a big bag of popcorn (preferably salted...!) and enjoy this new and beautiful film- don't forget the tissues!

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