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Vision of You- concert review

A painfully long wait finally came to an end on Tuesday when I became lucky enough to witness our favourite Falco family parents perform once again. After finding a venue I could travel to and be let in (the others were 18+!), it was great to see Bat Out Of Hell's Rob Fowler and Sharon Sexton back on the stage, albeit a much smaller one!

The Crazy Coqs is a stunning venue with an extravagant restaurant accompanying its bar and stage area. I was genuinely astonished to be in such a place, feeling a little out of place amongst its beauty at times- there was even a doorman! Because of its intimacy, there's no such thing as a bad seat in the house. We somehow ended up sat right at the very front, which made the performance even more magical, as I felt further immersed into the story.

After releasing their album Vision Of You back in December, Sharon and Rob have been out and about sharing the exploration of the backstories of their characters, and how their Falco family came to be. We embark on the bittersweet journey back in time, to when the pair were growing up through to where they are today, pathing an honest portrayal of their developing love story. Their story is truly brought to life through the fantastic song choices on the album, mixed with a couple of additional tracks to piece together layers of roles with so much depth. Each song has an alluringly significant touch to it, with some just being heavenly vocally and others having hints of humour that the Falco's playful personalities are renowned for. With the addition of Erin Ong's beautiful artwork, the storytelling within the show fits perfectly.

The set up for the concert included the insanely skilled Steve Corley on the piano, complementing Sharon and Rob's work to produce an exceptional performance. An abundance of props littered the stage, and numerous subtle references to the show were made, helping those of us who are missing Bat Out Of Hell, revive some of those memories we treasure so dearly too.

As for the show, it's utterly breathtaking- I've never been so mesmerised watching anything in my entire life. The pair display their sheer talent through their impeccable voices, divine chemistry and passion that drives raw emotion into everything they do. It's impossible to not be totally blown away by these two vocal powerhouses. I'm in complete awe and wish I was nearly half as good as those two. Though filming and photography was allowed if kept to a minimum, I simply couldn't bring myself to do so, for fear of losing that feeling of being in the moment. Without a doubt, I'd watch it over and over again in a heartbeat if I could- it's just so compelling and I loved every second. It was the fastest 70 minutes of my life!

Due to travel arrangements (and the fact that it was a college night!), we unfortunately couldn't stick around to meet the stars and enjoy a second round of Vision Of You: I'm so gutted we missed the encore, but still so grateful that I was able to go to see the main show.

Rightfully so, this performance, as have all their others, have completely sold out. As far as we're all aware, the last chance to catch Vision Of You currently is at Peterborough, Rob's hometown, on the 19th March. With Georgia Carling and Simon Gordon lending a hand, the show is going to be bigger than previous performances, so I can't even begin to imagine how incredible it's going to be. There are some seats still remaining so I'd 100% recommend grabbing them while you can. I can't be there, but I sincerely hope you'll take the opportunity to do so- you definitely won't regret it.

I feel so blessed to have been able to find the Falcos. Huge thanks to Rob Fowler and Sharon Sexton for bringing this masterpiece into the world.

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