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Surviving a Millennial Jukebox- concert review

As per request by Patrick Sullivan himself, here's a review of 'Surviving A Millennial Jukebox'.

With dedicated Bat Out of Hell fans assembling once again, there's no chance of the fire burning out upon such a talented cast. It was time for some mid-week escapism, and there was no better way to do so than with this absolute treat of a show.

Georgia Carling, Patrick Sullivan and Ben Purkiss took to the stage once again, to demonstrate their impeccable vocals and dynamic stage presence in a fresh setting. Taking place at The Museum of Comedy, the intimate venue was ideal for connecting the performers to the audience, drawing in the crowd and captivating their attention throughout. Being a semi-formal event allowed their true personalities to shine through: Georgia's bubbly character, Patrick's delightful charm and Ben's joyous remarks combined with their shared brilliant sense of humour played right into the hands of the show.

Including such variety on their set list really showed the versatility of the voices belonging to these stellar West End stars. From jazz to country to pop, they nailed it all. An endearing encounter between Georgia and Patrick for Jason Mraz's 'Lucky' brought a loveable warmth to the room, which was contrasted by 'Dream On', where Ben and Patrick fought the ultimate battle to test their incredible vocal strength.

Though they admitted to having nerves, none were to be seen at all, while all three pulled off flawless performances, remaining relaxed and composed for the whole set. In their solo pieces, Patrick flaunted his divine harmonies in Sam Smith's 'Lay Me Down', Georgia showed her sassy side, with her fierce rendition of 'Before He Cheats' and Ben aced 'Brother' by Matt Corby, these amongst a number of other gems selected from their repertoire.

Of course, there was no ignoring the fact that the audience were all itching for some Bat Out of Hell tunes, so after beginning with 'Out Of The Frying Pan And Into The Fire', 'For Crying Out Loud' was added to the mix, with a comedic little twist at the end that thrilled the fans. The trio sung some other crowd favourites too, making both 'Stacy's Mom' and 'Forget You' their own, bouncing off each others' vibes to flood the room with a radiant and amusing atmosphere.

The show was excellently arranged by Monsteers Artistry, in which I look forward to attending more of their fantastic events in the future. I sincerely hope this isn't the last of these three, and suggest we all keep our eyes peeled for any upcoming events that may arise- it's essential you don't miss seeing this amazing trio perform.

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