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But Doctor, I am a Collection Of Comic Strips- book review

As the third of Paul Savage's works, But Doctor, I am a Collection Of Comic Strips is now available to read. With topically witty wordplay, the book combines a mirage of pop culture references into short, snappy cartoon strips.

Despite being all black and white, each image creatively drawn by Paul himself is eye-catching and engaging, with their own unique characterisation on the world. These snippets of humour may not collectively be for all, but there is undoubtedly something for everything over the pages. While some are darkly punching, others are societal outlooks, and a fair few are total 'face palm' jokes, each clearly thoughtful in their delivery. While some are more niche, the mentions of subjects ranging from Lynx Africa and teenage boys, to The Beach Boys; Ofsted at Hogwarts to Friends, all come together for 86 pages of crafted comedy.

A brilliantly amusing little drawing was also found on the envelope, and it is also possible to get yourself a personalised doodle and signed flyleaf in the front, to add to the individualised feel of the book.

For a laugh yourself, or the perfect gift for a friend, this funny little assembly of quips is great.

A taster taken from the book:

For more information on Paul and his work, you can check out his website here:


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