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Cat Myers- interview

Playing alongside Texas for their ongoing UK and European tour, Cat Myers has proven to be an incredible musician. On the drums, she joins Sharleen Spiteri and bandmates for the entirety of the Southside album, as well as all the unforgettable hits.

After seeing them gig earlier this year, its easy to vouch for Texas being one of the best live performances out there. It is a total privilege to have the following interview from Cat- read on to find out more about her inspiring drumming career, as well as her current work with Texas.


Please may you talk a little about your career journey, and how you got to this point?

I started drumming around the age of 8 and I used to jam every night with my dad who played guitar. From that I went on to study music at college and then university. I basically said yes to every gig and played with a whole load of bands playing every dive bar and every style of music you can think of. I kind of started to work my way up the band food chain and slowly I was being offered bigger and bigger gigs. I went from touring the world on a small scale with my own band to then being offered the job session drumming for Mogwai which was a huge step up and a dream for me, then I moved on to playing for KT Tunstall and this last year I’ve been playing with Texas.

What has been a highlight, or most memorable moment from the Texas UK tour?

The home town Glasgow show was pretty amazing, the crowd was incredible and there was a big 'one love' vibe the whole evening. Paris Zenith was also a lot of fun!

How do you feel about joining Sharleen as the only other woman who has ever been in Texas, and how important to you is carrying on the band’s legacy?

I suppose I’ve not really thought of it that way, as far as I’m concerned I’m just another drummer and my gender doesn’t particularly come into it. However, it is nice to represent and demonstrate the point that any gender is capable of any job. Of course it’s amazing being able to perform alongside Sharleen every night and ultimately I just want to play those hits to the best of my ability to keep the party going!

This is a great response, and outlook on the role.

How do you prepare for a show?

I do all my prep at home before I leave for tour. Then at the show I have 1 beer before we go on stage and I’m good to go haha. I should probably do some more serious warm ups… but I don’t!

Fantastic answer!

What kind of impact has the music of Texas had on your life?

I guess the music of Texas has always been around so it all seemed very familiar before I started learning the set which was nice. It’s definitely had a big impact on me in the last year, from playing TV shows to touring arenas throughout Europe, it’s been pretty special.

What’s the best and worst bits about the touring experience?

Best part of touring is travelling to new cities and exploring places you would have otherwise never been. The worst part is probably lack of alone time and missing out on life back home.

What’s a moment in your drumming career that you wish you could experience again for the first time?

Ermm… can I have 3? Supporting the Foo Fighters at Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh will always be mind blowing to me, as will playing with Mogwai for the first time and then playing Glasgow Hydro with Texas on this last tour. All of those were huge career highlights for me.

And lastly, who inspires you and why?

Taylor Hawkins will always be a huge inspiration for me, I was distraught when he passed away earlier this year. His ridiculous drumming ability combined with an amazing attitude and just being a general all round great person is something I look up to and strive to be like.


Immense thanks to Cat for her contributions to this interview, especially while being so busy with the tour! It has been brilliant to hear from you, and look forward to supporting your future ventures. Additionally, thank you for being part of a gig that will always remain a special memory for me.

If you can catch Texas live, don't hesitate to get your tickets, as it is absolutely worth it.

Also make sure to check out Cat Myers (@catmyersmusic) on social media for a taste of her talent.


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