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Derek Murphy- interview

Love Dance is a comedic play about an unlikely pairing coming together to explore the concept of being a working mother, unsure of being in a committed relationship, yet still wanting to build a family. Rose is a headstrong doctor, soon faced with Adam who is quite the opposite- a disorganised wannabe rockstar. Will they both find what they want?

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Derek Murphy does a fantastic job playing Adam in the show, and told me a little more about this.


How would you describe Love Dance?

I'd describe it as your favourite rom-com film live and on stage! It has comedy, it has romance, it has likeable characters- what's not to love!

How did you feel when you got cast in the show, and first read through the script?

I actually read a large chunk of the script before auditioning and I loved it and then when I met Lesley (the director) and Jacoba (who plays Rose) I was dying to do the show! Andy Walker (the writer) has done such a great job with the script that it really feels like you're on this little journey with the characters and rooting for them.

Are you at all like Adam in real life, and do you think the story resonates with others?

I think you always try to find the similarities between you and the character you're playing. I'd like to think I'm not quite as slobbish as Adam but hopefully I'm as likeable. We've had a lot of audience members comment how they see themselves in the characters and I think that's because they are really relatable and if people don't see themselves then they definitely see someone they know.

Do you have a particular moment in the show that is your favourite?

I love love love when Adam is trying to show Rose how to chat up men. Jacoba (Rose) is so funny in that scene and we get to have a really fun back and forth.

Can you talk a little about your journey into the theatre industry?

I started acting professionally when I was 10 years old and I've loved it ever since. It really is a crazy industry with so many ups and downs but you get to have the most varied and fun experiences. It really is just great craic!

What is your dream role, and why?

I have been very lucky to play a lot of varied roles on stage and on screen but I think the dream job at the moment would be a regular in a sitcom. I mean who doesn't want to be in the next FRIENDS!

I’ve heard you have some exciting new work happening soon. Would you like to tell us a little about this?

Yes! Myself and the faaabulous drag star Orla Nothin' have a really fun and crazy Christmas single coming out called 'Nothin for Christmas'. It's been described as 'panto meets pop' and I love it! It's available on iTunes from Dec 3rd and all other streaming sites etc from Dec 10th. Plus you can check out our webseries on YouTube, 'Derek & Orla Do', aaannnddd we'll be appearing at The Chiswick Playhouse for a live show on Dec 17th!

And lastly, who inspires you, and why?

My partner Steve (aka Orla Nothin') inspires me. The strength and creativity that goes into being a drag queen is truly unbelievable. He really inspires me with his courage and talent and the ability to bring joy to so many people through his art!


Big thank you to Derek for this interview, and I can't wait to hearing the new single, as well as following your other future works!

Twitter: @DerekMMurphy

Insta: @Dirkelsmurf

You still have time to catch Love Dance, until 4th December- get yourself to the Chiswick Playhouse!

{Some grammar is amended for clarity}


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