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Duets Live (Six edition)- review

Within the walls of the Crazy Coqs- a stunning little venue in the heart of London- David Ribi became a brilliant host to his show 'Duets Live!' which demonstrated some of the work he had produced over lockdown, following the overwhelming success of his online series showcasing duets with some of the West End's best theatrical stars. Being the second of four concerts of this style, this particular event was the 'Six the Musical Edition' featuring the immensely talented powerhouses: Natalie Paris, Danielle Steers and Grace Mouat.

To begin the performances, David gave a fantastic rendition of an 'Ex Wives' remix, created especially for the show, and worth coming for alone. Not only does he present vocal prowess, but also gives a warm welcome that sets up the ideal atmosphere for the relaxed, intimate gig, that soon makes you feel immersed in the wonderful voices of all four performers. After a brief personal introduction from David about how his sensational concept came about, Grace Mouat took to the stage, to speak a little of the origins of Six, before singing 'How Far I'll Go' from Disney's Moana, already causing goosebumps with the dreaminess of her vocals. The first duet of the show is 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough' excellently alongside David.

This format continues for each of the guests, each singing a solo before their duet. The dynamics between them all really shines through, making their performances even more of a delight. Despite not knowing the words, Natalie provides a beautiful rendition of Scott Alan's 'Take Me Away', giving a mellow and soft vibe, before taking on the jazzy 'They Just Keep Moving The Line' from Smash as her first duet. Danielle brings her smooth, rich tones to the mix with 'Open Arms' by Journey, truly proving that the versatility between the cast spans far. Her duet was Lady Antebellum's 'Need You Now', which couldn't have been a more fitting choice.

A performance of 'No Way' featuring both Grace and additional special guest, Renée Lamb was an impromptu battle of the Aragon's and still an absolute joy, faults and all. Although there were a fair few not going unnoticed throughout the show (including many muddled lyrics, lack of participation, and an aptly timed sneeze from the audience!), it felt as if the piece was more genuine, and became so much fun to be part of, even when professionalism went out the window on occasion!

As cover Juliet herself was in the room, Grace performed the gentle ballad 'One More Try' (from & Juliet) with David complimenting nicely. Natalie couldn't be present without doing her iconic track, 'Heart of Stone', which was just incredible as always, then attempting a notably difficult duet of the 'Sing' version of 'Don't You Worry 'bout a Thing' that turned out to be a masterpiece. Finishing off, Danielle brought out her inner Parr with 'I Don't Need Your Love', where her vocals are simply unmatched, and final duet- Frank Sinatra's 'That's Life' rounded off the set. To conclude the show, an audience member was invited to join the performers on stage for the 'SIx' finale, of which Megan Cerys Holland (also an actor, having recently worked with Danielle) was selected to complete the 'queens' to create the ideal ending as they all sung together.

There wasn't really much chat throughout, and it would've been interesting to hear more from the guests, though the songs themselves were brimming with personality, so didn't miss out. Packed with familiar tracks and a whole bunch of talent from David and the exceptional ladies he shared the stage with (as well as many laughs along the way!), this is something you could watch all day and still want more! It was a real privilege to review.

You can get tickets to the next of David's shows here:

And make sure to support Natalie, Danielle and Grace in wherever life takes them next too.

PS: Hello to David's mum, who asked for a mention- it was lovely to meet you!


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