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Fake Festival- concert review

At the end of June, (yes I am aware of the current month... I've had a lot of writing and photo editing to do okay?) my family and I went to an event named 'Fake Festivals', whereby the lineup was concocted of numerous tribute acts. The sun was blazing down, the food was smelling delicious and there were thousands of happy-faced humans all having a bit of a sing and a dance on this beautiful summer's day.

When we first arrived, I'll be honest, it wasn't exactly how I thought it would be at all. I mean, it was in a tent! Imagining a festival atmosphere inside the boundaries of a marquee and a small piece of grass out the back wasn't exactly what immediately came to mind. It maybe wasn't the best idea for the weather, since it was absolutely boiling inside there, but going to sit outside in the sunshine between acts was really nice- if you could find a spot to sit that is! Though I do understand that for the UK, it is probably a better idea to have cover, because you never know when it could pour down with rain here. There were numerous fun and engaging activities outside, predominately for children, but I did witness some adults having a go too, meaning the event could ultimately provide entertainment for all the family.

The line up for the evening was as follows: The Police Force (The Police), The Jam'd (The Jam), Guns 2 Roses (Guns N' Roses), Stereotonics (Stereophonics), Oasish (Oasis), and Coldplace (Coldplay). Due to my rather wide range of music knowledge, I knew quite a few of the songs to sing along with, with just a couple from the beginning bands, then more as the evening went on. Believe it or not, I know a considerable amount of Guns N' Roses songs, as well as those by Oasis and Coldplay. Each band seemed pretty authentic, with the guys playing Liam Gallagher and Slash sticking in my memory as those with the most resemblance to the artists.

For dinner, we scouted the food stalls in the area behind the tent, that catered for a wide variety of taste-buds. My brother, however, is a very picky eater when it comes to eating out (to be fair, even that is an understatement). Somehow we managed to get some fries from the noodle stall- don't even question it please- which I suppose just goes to show that the food provided could serve pretty much anyone! I had an amazing hot-dog and fries which were absolutely beautiful and much needed after all the musical excitement.

Sweaty bodies, smiling faces and quite a few intoxicated minds were compressed into the marquee, particularly for the later performances. We were lucky enough to get positioned in the middle at the front for the finale, being the Coldplay tribute band. After a bit of a delay, the show got underway, with this one in particular, being the last one of the night, featuring an extravagant light show and a brilliant set compiled of only the best Coldplay songs. With a couple of technical faults, it wasn't perfect, but the performers were clearly talented people. Nevertheless, we were all singing as loud as physically possible (because who doesn't know 'Paradise'?) and the evening definitely ended on a high.

'Fake Festivals' appear all over the country at a vast range of locations, so it's almost guaranteed that you won't be too far from one event or another at some point during the year. It's a brilliant event for older kids and the family to enjoy, with different tribute acts at each event, thus always something for everyone. So if you love a good tribute act (and who doesn't?) this is probably an event for you.

Hannah x


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