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From Here- musical review

New British musical directed by Annabelle Hollingdale, From Here, is a contemporary song-cycle that explores elements of different life stories, with a cast of only four playing several different characters. Despite this, it is easy to follow, with each piece depicts a new milestone and memory, spanning every age and therefore leaving all of the audience finding bits relatable. From love to loss, it encompasses both the poignant, joyous or funny experiences we may share, as well as everything in between, that ultimately transform and shape our lives.

The intimacy of being in such a small theatre gives it that extra personal touch, and the minimal set mean that the stories are told almost entirely through the lyrics (by Ben Barrow and Lucy Ireland) and props, with several pieces of poetry woven in too. It is 90 minutes long with no interval, which works really well in this instance.

Grace Mouat shines, beginning by playing a child trying to find a new best friend on the playground alongside Nicola Espallardo. Later on, she is seen frustrated as her day goes wrong; another ordinary event for us all, yet illustrated in such a creative way. Aiden Harkins leads ‘If The World Could End Tonight’ with Nicola- a thought provoking track wondering whether it would better if we could stop in our best moments, or to discover the next chapter- and Andrew Patrick-Walker gives a powerful rendition of 'The Monster Under The Bed', displaying the thoughts of a person with OCD who wants to be in a relationship. Each song gives something new to enjoy; another story to be told.

Current times have posed a lot to reflect upon for us all, and this show is a great way of embracing that, though it’s nature allows it to be timeless, with potential to keep flying high for years to come. We are reminded to love a little more in this beautiful piece of theatre, and it’s definitely worth putting in the middle of a moment to see.


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