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Jamie Chapman Dixon- interview

After hitting the West End for the first time back in August, and receiving a brilliant response, Blippi the Musical is back for a return run at The Lyric Theatre this winter for a limited time only. The global phenomenon child entertainer takes audiences into his world of wonder, being both fun and educational for adults and their little ones.

Producer of the show, Jamie Chapman Dixon, has told us a bit more about the production.


What does Blippi bring to audiences?

Blippi is a highly educational production that started life as a YouTube show before rocketing into other mediums and art forms.


How has it been developed since its recent sold out West End run?

Becoming the fastest selling children’s show in Nimax theatres history was a huge achievement for the production and we felt it was only right that we brought the same show back to ensure those who were unable to see it in the summer had the chance to do so.


How does theatre like this have influence over the young people who watch it?

Theatre is an incredibly important step within a child’s progression as it blows open the doors of creativity. Blippi has an entity is focused on education and entertainment for children so we hope they leave the theatre with both.

Why do you think Blippi appeals so much to children, and has become so successful?

Blippi is on the same level as a pop star is for adults. The character has global appeal and you often see parents enjoying has much as the kids.


Which element of working on the piece is the most fun or interesting, and why?

Working on a project that is injected with so much energy and life is an incredible experience when we turn up to work. Our team are incredibly grateful to work with such talented and creative individuals across all levels of the show.


What skills are important as a producer of a children's show?

Attention to detail is a huge skillset that is vital to ensuring a children’s show is produced correctly. We have to ensure that all audience members have the best time possible with the critics being 5 year olds.


Which character from your childhood would you love to see on stage, and why?

I would love to see Pingu on stage as why wouldn’t you!


Many thanks to Jamie for taking the time to answer these, and hope the show is having a great run so far! Wishing you a lovely Christmas and New Year too.

Get tickets here:

Additional thanks to Alice James for coordinating this interview.


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