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Blippi The Musical- interview

Revolutionising the impact of theatre on the next generation, Blippi The Musical is just one of the latest productions designed for just that. Engaging younger audiences and their families, this show is based on the global internet phenomenon that is Blippi- an online sensation that has gained a huge following, amassing around 37 million YouTube subscribers, and 1 billion views per month. Available on a variety of different streaming platforms and in a range of languages, the character can be enjoyed by many around the world.

Blippi is now taking on another avenue with his next venture, sharing his enthusiastic and energetic personality with even more. Aimed at children aged 2-6, this musical is furthering his mission to educate in a fun way, while helping to develop key skills, such as empathy, in viewers.

Producing Blippi The Musical, Josh Blackburn is playing his part in bringing this piece to the stage. Read on to find out more about it.


What is Blippi The Musical about, and how did the concept originate?

Blippi the Musical brings Blippi off of the screen and onto the stage for the first time ever! Blippi is throwing a party and he wants everyone to have a great time. To prepare for the party we have to meet all the new Blippi Buddies all while learning, dancing, and singing along the way! The concept for the show originated in early 2019 when the Blippi brand approached us about helping this amazing character reach kids and families in new and different ways.

What research have you done to prepare for producing this piece?

At Round Room we have an amazing team that has worked on many family productions and have a wealth of knowledge. Since Blippi is a digitally native brand and character, we had to dig deep into all of the kids’ content on YouTube and other places to know what kids and families are expecting from these new brands.

How does working on a children’s show like this differ to one for general audiences?

There are many similarities, such as a creative team full of top talent, set, costume, video, sound designers working together to create great art. The differences really are in the content and some of the methods of delivery. Blippi The Musical, like many kids shows, is paced quicker than the adult content with not a lot of heavy dialogue between each musical moment.

What impact will content like this have on the future of kids' entertainment and education?

Kids art education is super important, and I think Blippi does a great job showing how well kids respond to learning through play and song. Shows like Blippi The Musical push the level of kids entertainment forward to show that kids and parents can have fun learning and playing together.

How has this show got potential for introducing a new generation to the theatre industry?

It is an amazing opportunity and feeling to be able to help, in some small way, to influence and create the next generation of not only theatre creators but also theatre lovers. When thinking about this responsibility we want these kids to walk out of the theatre with the feeling that they truly experienced something. That kids and families together can re-enact scenes at home and remember the joy of the day.

Why should parents bring their children to see it?

The show has been delighting audiences in North America since 2020, and we know it will be a big hit with the London audience as well. Children and families can expect lots of fun and excitement, and plus tons of singing and dancing along with Blippi, Mo The Mechanic, and the Blippi Buddies! Kids and families will be up out of their seats dancing, jumping, and imagining.


Thanks so much to Josh for talking to us about the making of this and the future of kids theatre- it sounds like the show is going to be a hit!

Find a link to tickets here:

Additional thanks to Alice James for coordinating this interview.


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