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Live at Brighton Dome- review

Back for one of the biggest nights of comedy in Brighton, and another almost sold out event once again, Live at Brighton Dome returned, with a fantastic line up, yet again. Fatiha El-Ghorri and Amy Gledhill are joined by Rachel Parris and Ivo Graham, with Ed Gamble closing the show, and many, many, laughs all round.

Hilariously and chaotically hosting the evening, Ivo Graham begin with an extract from Prince Harry's 'Spare' about TKMaxx, before somehow drifting towards a discussion on being from 'here' or 'not here', and excellently engaging with audience members about the Hove 'Big Tesco', and subsequently, caramel Freddos. His instantly likeable personality allows discussion about quite literally anything to be of interest, and made funny too. The continuity of the adlibbing demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the role.

First up, Fatiha El-Ghorri discussed her cultural experiences being a Muslim, from family to airports. Despite being from Hackney but with Moroccan heritage, she mentioned those questionable heckles she receives while wearing her hijab, and shocks with her unexpectedly sweary set, before sharing the backstage gossip of ironing Ivo's clothes for him!

Next followed Amy Gledhill, playing on her blended vowels in the Hull accent, as she compares a previous gig with many bald men in the audience to a box of eggs, with a leg flick after the best jokes. Unashamedly discussing all areas of bodies (including having a dog toy in her bra for sneaky cleavage!), she removed the romance from relationships, then preceded to tell the story of an anniversary outing that didn't quite go to plan... somehow getting progressively worse as it went on, as the punchlines kept coming.

Interval amusement took the form of those who wanted to win some chocolate, messaging Ivo for a highly amusing reading out of these after the intermission. Everyone then knew about the awkward first date, or those drinking on an empty stomach! When Rachel Parris took to the stage, her infectious joy in her work is shown to be a whole new league of comedy, as she opens with a song on the keyboard, with lyrics interpreting what the audience may have been thinking. This is proven to be a masterclass in the art of stand up, as her punchy political gags are equally as crafted as the words to each track. Coming out with some brand new material- a sea shanty dedicated to Matt Hancock, no less, straight from the notebook- this is a total hit too, before talking kids, and makeup now versus the 90s. Closing with another song and again encouraging some percussional involvement, the ode to The Greatest Showman was the icing on the cake really, leaving you only wanting more.

Ed Gamble, being the edgy, latest face of CBeebies, was last up, frustrated at being deemed appropriate for those a grand total if 0 years of age. With a set covering a whole range of topics, audiences found out about his strong coalition with the cat, and the comparisons he likes to convey with parents, about the similarities between it and their newborns. The embarrassment of entering A+E during Covid for a minor (middle class) preventable injury, and the hilarity of joining the community group chats since moving to a new area too. It's clear why Ed has had, and continues having, so much success in the industry, as his storytelling draws you in with every detail.

Testing the ultimate sport of Freddo flinging, resulting in the use of a frisbee for balcony reach, Ivo ended the show in style, and undoubtedly putting smiles on every face in the audience.

In the ideal venue for hosting such an event, Live at Brighton Dome is the perfect opportunity to discover some new favourite comedians and have a fun-filled night out. With a new line up every few months, it is definitely worth checking out any upcoming chances to catch it.


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