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Millennials- song cycle review


For an experience unlike any other, Millennials- a song cycle, written and composed by Elliot Clay- offers just that in an intimate and exhilarating, high-energy piece, currently radiating from the Studio of The Other Palace.

From the moment you begin your journey into the space through a curtain of pool noodles, the audience become immersed into a fever dream reflecting the generation: from avocados littered everywhere, to slinkies hanging from the ceiling, and giant inflatables around: you name it, it's there. A giant avocado stage spreads the floor- a set designed by Andrew Exeter- with a trampoline in the centre, for occasional use. Within the pink foil-doused walls, the wholly unique opportunity presents, to watch the show from the ball pit, bathtub, beanbag or inflatable chair, among others. If these are taken, or perhaps not your vibe, a picnic blanket, or simply just on the fake grass provides a fantastic and captivating view, as the performers truly make you feel part of the event, especially being so close. Traditional seating can still be found in the galleries, if that is more suited. Each spot provides a different adventure through the show, yet regardless of this, they can all be enjoyed.

Beginning with the aptly named track, 'Millennials', the group preface the performance by describing everything that comes with the label in an upbeat and catchy manner. This is followed by the impeccable vocals of Hiba Elchikhe with '21st Century Girl', addressing issues with gender inequality, while encouraging the audience to get up and dance. In the next item, Rob Madge sings 'Four Little Words'- thoroughly rude yet utterly hilarious. Hannah Lowther conducts 'Masterpiece' to perfection, in a beautiful rendition about the struggles with self-confidence that young people face today. The whole cast bring the rebellion (and silly string) in 'Gen3r@tion No One', which acts as a great contrast, and truly proves that each number brings something fresh to the performance. Luke Latchman executes 'Priceless' well, in addition to Luke Bayer and Georgina Onuorah providing their own precious touches to the show. When they're singing at you, and can't help but gaze in awe at the talent before you, both in solo and group pieces. Pyrotechnics, confetti and more continue to wow with every unexpected inclusion, just as you think it couldn't get any more immense.

Millennials is the place to be. It's over too quickly, for a show you never want to end. Though the whole concept could be viewed as tacky by some, in reality, it is just what the world needs right now. The all-encompassing experience is a brilliant blueprint for its type, and a top-tier cast seen so close, alongside great music and an amazing set, what's not to love?


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