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Oliver Smith - interview

In preparation for an incredible community project and exploration trip around Cambodia in 2025, 14 year old Oliver Smith is gearing up for a mammoth 24 hour continuous TikTok livestream to raise money to go towards this. Showing us what he can do on the drums for the duration, it is going to be a big challenge to take on, but also a great display of resilience, determination and talent for a brilliant cause.

Telling us a bit more about it, Oliver has responded to a few questions below.


What made you want to start drumming 7 years ago, and why do you still enjoy it now?

I saw other people doing it and professional drummers doing it and it looked really fun, I still enjoy it now because I find it really relaxing and a break from normal life where I can be creative.

Who do you look up to in the music industry, and what are some of your favourite pieces to play?

I look up to John Bonham because some of his drum fills are mesmerising. One of my all time favourite pieces to play would be that Golden Rule by Biffy Clyro - it has lots of time signature changes.

What advice do you have for other people who might want to start drumming?

For people that want to start drumming, I would say to try out a mix of different styles of music and also to start out slow because coordination is more important than speed.

Why did you decide to do a 24 hour livestream on the drums, and how are you preparing for this?

I was inspired by my mum who did a 24 hours challenge on the piano in 2020. To prepare I have made a huge playlist of songs to drum to, made a digital poster and have set up a crowdfunding link to help raise money for the trip.

The livestream will be from 10pm this Friday 18th until 10pm on Saturday 19th August here:

If you're able to support Oliver to fund his Cambodia adventure, please do - it really is appreciated.

What are you most looking forward to about your trip to Cambodia, and what kind of things do you think you’ll learn there?

I think I will learn teamwork skills when doing community work and to experience the way the people there live their lives. I am looking forward to seeing the Angkor Wat temples and exploring the Killing Fields too.

What do you want to use your drumming talent for in the future?

I would love to be in a band as a drummer when I am older. I really like the idea of going on tour around the world playing music to people.


Huge thanks to Oliver for his great answers - I feel very lucky to have been able to support you, and know you'll definitely keep smashing it in years to come. Really looking forward to watching you share your drumming skills with us soon; best of luck with the livestream and fundraising, and make sure to let us know how you get on in Cambodia too!

If you'd also like to read my interview with Oliver's amazing mum, known online as Keyboard Kelly (who has helped arrange this, and is lending her popular TikTok account for this livestream!), she is a phenomenal pianist with tons of experience in her craft - check her out and find our article here:

Oliver in the studio, where his livestream will take place!


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