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Olivia McLeod- interview

Soon to be taking on the Edinburgh Fringe, Olivia McLeod's Pash follows the journey of Max as she struggles to navigate feeling left behind, since she's yet to have her first kiss at almost 25. What must she do on this mission to break the trend?

The one-woman queer comedy is Olivia's writing debut- here, she answers a few questions to reveal more about the show.


Please may you tell us a little about what the show brings?

Pash is a monologue about the sweaty-palmed terror, joy, and sliminess of first kisses. Max is turning twenty-five in one week, and she decides that she’s going to have her first kiss with someone (anyone) before her quarter-life crisis. The next sixty minutes are about the events of each day up until her birthday, where she does whatever it takes to get that pash.

How much of the piece is based on personal experience, and do you think it will be relatable to others?

While I had my first kiss a lot earlier, I really identify with Max when it comes to perfection anxiety. Max grew up on a diet of romance-heavy media, and she’s put off having her first kiss until it was perfect. But now, she’s nearly twenty-five, and it’s starting to feel too late.

I got overwhelming feedback during the Melbourne season about how relatable the piece was! Everybody has a first kiss story, and if they don’t, then they get exactly how Max feels. First kisses are often riddled with nerves and cringe, and I interviewed a bunch of friends about theirs to make sure I was telling an accurate story about why they feel like such a big deal.

What kind of people are you hoping to see in the audience?

While everyone enjoys a good first kiss story, I think this show will hit the best with the twenty-something queer community. Especially people that are into new writing, female-driven stories, and a good laugh at Max’s expense!

Without too many spoilers, which line/section in the show is your favourite to perform, and why?

“It turns out - and I can’t believe this - but a degree in Creative Writing has left me with zero transferrable skills.”

Why do you feel that this piece is perfect for the Edinburgh Fringe, and where would you like to take it following this?

This is my first time going to Edinburgh, but as far as I can tell, femme solo shows have absolutely popped off there and I’m so excited to be a part of that! It’s an amazing place to test out new writing and the community is so supportive and I haven’t even arrived yet. After this season, I’m going back for a return season in Melbourne, and then doing Adelaide Fringe. I cannot get enough of Fringe festivals!

How would you sum up Pash in 6 words or less?

Neurotic millennial learns kissing is weird.


Thanks so much to Olivia for sharing more on her upcoming show, Pash- it sounds like a great show. Best of luck for this run, and can't wait to hear how it goes!

Grab your tickets here:


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