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Rebekah Hinds- interview

Coming to Wyndham's Theatre next month, one of the most anticipated revivals of the year is arriving in the form of Oklahoma! Freshly interpreted but remaining true to the original, this reimagined adaptation is said to be funny and romantic, as the story of the American rivalries between the cowboys and farmers takes place.

Reprising her role as Gertie Cummings, Rebekah Hinds has kindly answered some questions about the part- read on to find out more.


How is your portrayal of Gertie going to be unique, and what are you most looking forward to about reviving such a classic?


Oof, the pressure! Gertie is such a fun part to play and, in this production, all parts are in some way

reinvented. I think my portrayal is unique in the same way that any actor taking on a role is unique, as we try and inject a little bit of ourselves into the work. Having said that, I hope I’m not quite as intense as Gertie...

...Is that the sort of thing you meant or should I have said that I’ll be playing her as a dolphin?


Which traits of your character will you enjoy performing, and which will be more challenging for you?


Gertie has an innate confidence that I don’t have. I like exploring that part of myself and maybe I’ll take a bit of her with me into real life. Playing someone front-footed and sexy is both a challenge

and a joy. Then there’s the music! With the way this particular production has been designed, at one point I’m singing bass and the next minute I’m up on the top soprano line. That’s enough to keep me on my toes! 


Why do you think Oklahoma! is still drawing in audiences, decades after its composition?


A classic is a classic, and even though this is unlike any other production of Oklahoma it still in many ways stays true to what made it a hit over 70 years ago. That makes this production simultaneously nostalgic and brand new, which is some of the most exciting work to be a part of!


How is the plot being made relevant to modern society, and why do you feel this show has a place on the West End in 2023?

You’ll have to come and see. No spoilers! 


Having explored different areas such as screen and radio alongside theatre, which is your favourite to pursue and why?


Live theatre is electric. And it creates a family. I’m so lucky to be a part of it but honestly, I really love screen work. Finding a way to contain a nuanced, comedic performance for camera is delicate work that I’d like to continue trying to master. Which is probably why I was drawn to this production because Daniel’s work is all about playing the truth of the text. Do I sound pretentious enough yet?

What does it mean to you to star in this production?

STAR? Well, you said it not me. This show is unlike any other, it’s been turned on its head in such a

contemporary way, with a real message and some of the best songs in musical theatre history. And I get to share the stage with some of the best people I’ve ever worked with. I couldn’t ask for a better way to make my West End debut!


Huge thanks to Rebekah for some brilliant answers, and I look forward to seeing you in such an exciting production soon- best of luck for the run!

Book tickets for Oklahoma! here:

Additional thanks to Alice James for coordinating this interview.


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