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Somebody to Treasure- short story review

One of Lilly Avalon's recent ventures is through Somebody to Treasure, a short story depicting the fleeting romance of two former best friends. Jasper is a movie star, though has a firm attraction to Tabitha, despite her regular office job. With alternating chapters depicting each of their points of view, we soon find out where their physical and emotional journey is taking them.

Both unknowingly longing to be whisked away together, a spontaneous trip leaves the pair questioning each other’s moves as their tone shifts from friendship to flirty. Jasper's lack of financial worry allows for a special, all-inclusive trip away creates some alone time for the two of them, and Tabby enjoys the ride, each embracing every moment.

Over the course of the brief narrative, we enter the personal perspectives of each character to discover what they're really feeling, and the temptations they face for each other. The simple language used acts as if to mimic their inner voices discussing the intensity of their thoughts, which bring to life the chemistry and steamy scenes especially.

It's all there explicitly- nothing to hide, and often predictable. Though a tad cringe at points in the proceedings, their differing lives come together in flourishing adult attraction in 44 pages packed with those risqué moments that form the intimate foundations for the establishment of their relationship, and the passion emerges through the pages.

This is part of a broader anthology by Lilly as the first in the Star Struck series, and it seems she has much more to offer. With some tweaks here and there, the concise read can sometimes appear sweet, regardless of the cliche tropes!


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