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Millennials- song cycle review 2


Having had the absolute joy of watching and writing about this piece with its first cast, it was impossible to resist another taste with the current one. Back at the Other Palace for Millennials, the pop sensation song cycle by Elliot Clay yet again didn't disappoint.

To read my first review about the production, which has more depth, click here:

The immersive atmosphere goes unmatched, as audiences are instantly swept into the world of avocado from the moment they begin descent into the Studio. With an eccentric set, littered with elements of nostalgia, and seating arrangements unlike any other, it's the place to be- and to bring all your friends!

Notably not a comparison between casts, each bring their own unique, yet equally awe-inspiring take on the show. While current performers still encourage audience interaction at several points, tracks that had previously sung across the room at different people, were more reserved to be directed at specific audience members which made for some laughs, as Jarnéia Richard-Noel pelts the only middle aged gentleman in the audience with feminist lyrical burns during 21st Century Girl, and Rhys Taylor hilariously insults another with 'Four Little Words'.

Becca Wickes gave a powerful rendition of 'Masterpiece', and the self-love mantra continues, as the message of hope for a generation that can often feel lost keeps alight. Georgina Castle sweetly starts the track 'Remember The Feeling' and is soon joined by Lucca Chadwick-Patel (who beautifully opened the show too), before the rest of the cast impart their expertise too, and Cleve September then follows with some satisfying yet meaningful rap, in 'Priceless'. Additionally, the start and finishing number 'Millennials' is so incredibly catchy, you'll undoubtably be humming along for a good while after you leave the venue.

This is a show where every watch is a whole new experience, noticing fresh elements every time, yet will consistently leave you in wonder. It's impossible not to enjoy something so fun, and with such a range of styles through the songs, there's something for every musicals fan. The future seems bright for Millennials, and a cast album is an absolute must- please!


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